Tesla expects China-made Model Y to start production in 2021
The China-made Model Y electric car is expected to start production at the Shanghai plant in 2021, according to Tesla's financial report released on Wednesday.
Tesla offers free use of supercharging stations in China during coronavirus outbreak
With the continued spread of the new coronavirus across China, Tesla car owners have recently received notifications that they can charge at supercharging stations for free.
Tesla software update brings Chinese owners with games including Mahjong
Tesla this week launched its first software update in 2020, which seems to have only been pushed to Chinese owners and brought in entertainment features such as Mahjong and Poker games.
Musk hints the Witcher game will come to Tesla cars
Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, hinted on Weibo that the Witcher game will become available on Tesla cars, in a move that may further enhance Tesla car’s role as a moving entertainment center.
Tesla to change Chinese map data service provider from Tencent to Baidu
Tesla announced on Friday that Tesla's map data service provider will switch to Baidu Maps. At present, Tesla uses Tencent maps in China, and its bad experience has been frequently criticized by users. Tencent is the second shareholder of NavInfo, and Tencent also acquired a 5% stake in Tesla three years ago. Baidu said that it will provide Tesla with map data services in China. This time, Baidu Maps will launch the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) API for the first time in China to provide Tesla with base map display, real-time road conditions, and POI (Points of interest) retrieval and other map data services. Baidu also said that the services provided support free and non-destructive zooming of the image quality, and that the icons can be arbitrarily rotated 360 degrees with the base map, and the map details are more accurate. Based on this, Tesla car owners can enjoy real-time road conditions services covering all cities in China, real-time road conditions updates, and efficient traffic avoidance and protection. Moreover, the upgraded version of Baidu Map Data Service has a concise...
Tesla to set up R&D center in China to create original Chinese style models
In order to achieve the transition from "Made in China" to "Designed in China", Tesla CEO Elon Musk proposed a very cool thing -- the establishment of a design research and development center in China, Tesla said in an article published on its official WeChat account on Wednesday.
Musk says Tesla's fully autonomous driving feature is coming soon
Tesla has repeatedly promised that it will be able to achieve fully autonomous driving of the car without driver intervention. But this feature is still unavailable. Now, latest information showed that full autonomous driving is not far away from us.
Analyst sees Model Y steady sales in China exceed 400,000 units per year
Tesla's Model Y steady sales in China will exceed 400,000 units in the future, which will further increase supply chain shipments based on Model 3, Song Shaoling, chief analyst of CITIC Securities' new energy automotive industry, said in a note on Wednesday. .
China-made Tesla Model 3 price cut sparks complaints from existing owners
Tesla announced on January 3 that the price of the Model 3 produced in China was reduced to as low as 299,000 yuan after subsidy. The move also caused complaints from some existing car owners, according to the Guancha.cn.
Musk dances as China-made Model 3 delivered to 10 owners
Tao Lin, vice president of Tesla, announced on January 7 that Tesla delivers China-made Model 3s to 10 owners. At the delivery ceremony, Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, danced.