Charging app made by Nio sees registered users exceed 6 million

That's just three months after the mobile app reached 5 million registered users on April 17.

New Nio Phone appears in regulatory database as launch nears

The Nio IN 2024 event is expected to take place in a week's time, when Nio may launch its second-generation Nio Phone.

Nio reportedly to scale back car purchase incentives next week

Nio will reduce discounts by RMB 3,000 for the ET5 and ET5 Touring and RMB 5,000 for the ES6 and EC6 on July 22, according to local media.

Huawei's HIMA unit plugs into Nio's charging network

To date, brands under the Huawei HIMA umbrella include Aito, Luxeed, and Stelato, which delivered a total of 46,141 vehicles in June.

Nio reaches 50 swap stations in Europe

As of July 15, Nio had 15 battery swap stations in Norway and 17 in Germany, according to data compiled by CnEVPost.

China EV insurance registrations for week ending Jul 14: Nio 3,400, Tesla 11,400, Xiaomi 2,300, BYD 61,800

Xpeng had 1,700 insurance registrations last week, Li Auto 11,300, Zeekr 3,300 and Aito 9,400.

Nio shows off ET9's chassis capabilities in new video, teases new Nio Phone coming soon

Nio's new video shows the phone making a tabletop soccer ball on the roof move by controlling the ET9's suspension. The second-generation Nio Phone is expected to be launched at the end of this month.

Nio brings enhanced AEB function based on end-to-end tech to its cars in latest software update

This is the industry's first AEB feature to apply end-to-end technology, which reduces the risk of collisions by learning from the human driving experience, Nio said.

Nio Onvo L60's standard range variant to carry 60.6-kWh battery pack

The standard range variant of the Nio Onvo L60 will carry a 60.6-kWh battery pack with a CLTC range of 501 to 555 kilometers, according to a new regulatory document.

Nio, Xpeng's in-house developed smart driving chips closer to being put to use, report says

Nio's Shenji NX9031 has taped out and is currently in testing, while Xpeng's smart driving chip is already in the process of being taped out.
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