CnEVPost, operated by a team based in Shanghai, China, is a website focused on reporting on the new energy vehicle (NEV) industry in China.

The site was officially launched at the end of 2020 and in a short period of time, with the expertise of the team, it has quickly become the website of choice for many people to get news about the NEV industry in China.

We have also become one of the most important sources for a large number of Western media covering the Chinese NEV industry. Search "CnEVPost" in Google and click on "News" and you will see which media outlets we have been quoted in.

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Our priority is to serve investors who are interested in China's NEV industry, especially investors in Nio, Xpeng, and Li Auto.

From our website as well as Twitter, you can be the first to get breaking news about these companies, as well as other important industry news, policy changes that may affect stock prices.

We post almost all business news that really matters about Nio, Xpeng, Li Auto and the research notes we see analysts doing on them, and aim to be an irreplaceable source of information on these companies for our users.

We also keep a close eye on broader Chinese NEV industry developments, such as the chip shortage, and more on other NEV brands in China including Tesla.

As the country with the most aggressive transition to electrification in the world and the largest automotive market in the world, China has a lot of interesting news about the new energy industry every day, and they are what we will cover.

From CnEVPost, you can get both important news and analysis on US-listed companies including Nio, Xpeng, Li Auto, and also follow closely with us the dynamics of this industry chain in China.

CnEVPost founder Phate Zhang has worked in the media for over 10 years, which allows us to write to international media standards, thus ensuring that our work, including fact-checking and consistency of style, is done at a high standard.

We currently publish our content mainly through our website and Twitter, and have our own accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Telegram, and we send out a newsletter every day.

If you wish to contact us, you can check the "Contact Us" page.