Li Auto Li ONE

Li Auto sees 100,000th vehicle delivered today
This means that as of November 16, Li Auto had delivered 3,484 units for the month.
Li Auto delivered 7,649 vehicles in Oct, up 107% year-on-year
Li Auto said it received more than 14,500 new orders for the Li ONE in October.
Li Auto sees 100,000th Li ONE roll off line
With cumulative deliveries of 88,867 units through the end of September, the milestone means that it will easily surpass 10,000 deliveries in October.
Li Auto's Li ONE 'removed' from China's tax-free list, but this time investors learned the lesson
The removal of Li Auto's sole model, the Li ONE, from China's tax-free list has been widely reported by the Chinese media. But this is similar to the situation earlier this year, where they were older models that were no longer on sale.
Li Auto to deliver Li ONEs with two radars missing as temporary workaround for chip shortage
Due to increased pressure on chip supply, Li Auto is said to be delivering Li ONEs with two missing radars by December, with additional installations for customers as the part arrives.
Li Auto into spotlight as owner tricks vehicle into 'full self-driving'
The video shows the driver taking his hands off the wheel and lying flat, leaving the car to drive solely on the assisted driving feature.
Li Auto delivered record 8,589 units in July, up over 250% from a year ago
Li Auto delivered 8,589 units of the Li ONE in July, the first time deliveries exceeded 8,000 units in a single month.
Owners complain about unusual noise from new Li ONE when driving at high speed
Several Weibo users have reported that their Li ONE vehicles are making unusual noises while driving at high speeds, suspected to be from the generator.
Li Auto's insurance registrations surpass NIO for first time in June
Li Auto topped China's new car makers with 7,827 insurance registrations in June, surpassing NIO's 7,777.
Li Auto launches investigation as user complains of suspected harmful heavy metals found in new vehicle
A video circulating on Weibo shows an owner claiming to have found mercury, a heavy metal that can be toxic, between the seams of his newly purchased Li ONE seats.