has become the latest local automaker to offer navigation-assisted driving features after and Motors.

When the new Li ONE was announced at the end of May this year, Li Auto said it would start pushing its full-stack in-house developed NOA (Navigate on Autopilot) feature to vehicles in September. Now, after months of delays, the feature is finally available.

Li Auto began pushing OTA version 3.0 to customers today, giving the 2021 Li ONE NOA functionality for the first time and making the company the latest local car company to offer the feature after Nio and Xpeng Motors.

Previously, Nio had already offered NOP (Navigate on Pilot) feature to users in October last year, while Xpeng had offered a similar NGP (Navigation Guided Pilot) feature in January this year.

The NOA feature can help drivers cope with long-distance trips more easily by helping guide drivers in and out of ramps, recommending the best time to change lanes, and intelligently adjusting vehicle speed according to the speed limit on closed roads with high precision map coverage, according to Li Auto.

Similar to what its local counterparts are doing, Li Auto requires users to learn about these features before turning them on.

Users need to learn about these features through the learning platform on the Li Auto App vehicle control page, and the switch for the feature will not be turned on until learning is complete.

The feature is currently available to users in dozens of provinces and cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, and Henan.

There are still some regions where users are currently unable to use the feature, as road validation tests have not been completed due to Covid-19, persistent bad weather and force majeure, Li Auto said, adding that the company will finish validation tests as soon as possible and will provide the feature to users in these regions according to the progress of validation.

It should be noted that the NOA feature is only available on the 2021 Li ONE and is not supported on the 2020 model.

However, Li Auto offers visual parking for older models in OTA 3.0, which allows users to initiate automatic parking via the center console.

In addition, OTA 3.0 also brings the virtual voice assistant "Lixiang Tongxue", music functions, and vehicle settings optimization to Li ONE vehicles.

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