Tesla recalls 107,293 vehicles in China, will offer fixes via OTA
Some vehicles may face slowed operation of the central processor and sluggish display of the central touch display when preparing for or during DC fast charging.
XPeng pushes latest OTA update for P5 vehicles, bringing first LiDAR-based feature
XPeng has started to push the latest version of Xmart OS 3.1.0 to all P5 vehicles, bringing VPA-L, the first LiDAR-enabled feature that allows memory parking across floors.
Zeekr to deliver first major OTA update to Zeekr 001 vehicles
Zeekr will push Zeekr OS 1.1.1 from February 12 and offer Zeekr OS 2.0 Beta with driver assistance system to internal test users from February 15.
Tesla's new OTA update will bring KTV, center screen vehicle color changes to Chinese users
Tesla's first OTA update for the Year of the Tiger, developed by its China team, will bring karaoke functionality and allows owners to change the vehicle color of the center console screen.
XPeng brings first OTA update for P7 this year, allows users to share memory parking routes
The OTA brings 12 new features and more than 40 optimizations to the user experience, XPeng said.
Li Auto to roll out new OTA update for vehicles, bring English language support
Li Auto said Wednesday it will push the latest version 2.2 OTA update to all Li ONE vehicles, the company's only model, by September 15.
XPeng brings more life-like AI voice to P7 via OTA
XPeng Motors began rolling out an OTA update to the P7 on Tuesday that adds a new AI voice for the intelligent voice assistant "Xiao P" to make it sound more like a real person.
WM Motor's SUV W6 gets first OTA update
WM Motor's SUV W6 has received its first OTA update to support 11 popular vehicle remote control functions.
XPeng releases 'OTA chronicles', has rolled out 23 major updates
XPeng P7 is about to receive a major new version of the OTA upgrade, with the Xmart OS version number upgraded to 2.6.0.