has started to push the latest version of Xmart OS 3.1.0 to all P5 vehicles, bringing VPA-L, the first LiDAR-enabled feature that allows memory parking across floors.

As the first LiDAR-enabled vehicle from Xpeng Motors (NYSE: XPEV, HKG: 9868), the P5 sedan sees features based on the accessory begin to land in the latest OTA.

Xpeng announced Wednesday that it has begun pushing the latest version of Xmart OS 3.1.0 to all P5 vehicles, bringing VPA-L, a memory parking feature capable of working across floors, the first feature to rely on LiDAR.

The feature relies on the safety redundancy provided by LiDAR and is capable of memory parking distances of up to 2 km, according to the company.

The feature achieves a breakthrough in physical space through extensive data collection and optimization of map building performance, according to Xpeng.

When a user enters an underground parking lot, he or she first needs to record a parking route. After the vehicle completes learning, the next time the vehicle passes the starting point of that route, a prompt to memory parking availability will pop up on the center screen.

Users can also share parking routes to the cloud so that other vehicles can use them as well.

By using routes shared by others, users can quickly reach their destination when going to the elevator entrance of a large superstore or an underground parking overcharge station.

If the target parking space is already occupied, the vehicle is also able to automatically identify nearby vacant spaces.

Xpeng first pushed the Xmart OS 2.7.0 public beta version to P7 in early December last year, bringing the memory parking route sharing function. On January 21 this year, Xpeng pushed the OTA update to all P7 vehicles.

It is worth noting that Xpeng P5 only comes with LiDARs in the higher trim versions.

Here is the video of P5 memory parking shared by Xpeng.