NIO supplier Innovusion sees 10,000th LiDAR roll off line
Over the past two years, Innovusion and NIO have worked closely together to optimize the entire high-performance LiDAR supply chain, the LiDAR maker said.
NIO's LiDAR provider Innovusion enters strategic partnership with driverless tech firm TuSimple
In a joint project between the two, Innovusion's Falcon ultra-long-range LiDAR will serve as the primary vision radar on TuSimple's heavy truck models.
Jidu sets robot car concept unveiling for June, teases dual LiDAR solution
Unlike other automakers currently using one autonomous driving solution, Jidu is developing two separate systems, pure vision and LiDAR, that serve as backups for each other.
NIO explains in detail why ET7's LiDAR has 'high performance'
In addition to general obstacle recognition, the ET7's LiDAR has an ROI function that enables detection of objects that are difficult for cameras to recognize.
NIO explains capabilities of LiDAR on board ET7 in new video
NIO today released a video that explains the performance of ET7's LiDAR, which it developed in collaboration with Innovusion.
Li Auto says L9 to come with its smart driving system called AD Max
Li Auto L9's smart driving computing platform includes two Nvidia Orin-X processors with a total computing power of 508 Tops.
XPeng pushes latest OTA update for P5 vehicles, bringing first LiDAR-based feature
XPeng has started to push the latest version of Xmart OS 3.1.0 to all P5 vehicles, bringing VPA-L, the first LiDAR-enabled feature that allows memory parking across floors.
Baidu invests in XPeng-backed LiDAR maker Zvision
XPeng is Zvision's sixth-largest shareholder with a 5.77356 percent stake. Baidu is the ninth-largest shareholder with a 5.00001 percent stake.
How will LiDAR used by NIO perform? Here are some facts you may want to know
CICC believes that the current mainstream 905nm LiDAR is sufficient for autonomous driving under normal conditions, but not enough in extreme scenarios.
NIO's LiDAR provider Innovusion enters into partnership with self-driving firm Mogo
The two aim to drive large-scale adoption of high-performance LiDARs and accelerate the commercial use of high-level autonomous driving.