Lexus to equip its EVs with LiDARs from RoboSense, report says

In the meantime, Xpeng, one of the first EV makers to use LiDARs, will ditch the component on its upcoming new model, the P7+.

Chinese LiDAR maker Hesai unveils ultra-long range ADAS LiDAR AT512

The AT512 has 512 laser channels and a maximum detection range of over 400 meters.

Nio ET9 and 4th-gen swap station bring more support to LiDAR maker Seyond

ET9 adds two Robin W medium-range wide-angle LiDARs for the first time, in addition to one Falcon ultra-long-range LiDAR. Nio's fourth-generation swap station will feature six Robin W LiDARs.

Neta to equip its new models with Hesai's LiDARs in 2025

Neta will carry Hesai's ultra-high-definition, long-range AT128 LiDAR on its new models, which are expected to begin mass production in the first half of 2025.

BYD-backed RoboSense delivers record over 20,000 LiDARs in Aug

RoboSense's LiDARs have been used in 14 production vehicles, with August sales exceeding 50 percent of last year's total sales.

Nio unveils 1st in-house developed chip, mass production to begin in Oct

The Yangjian chip will allow Nio to save about $100 per vehicle and recover its development costs in about a year, William Li said.

Nio's LiDAR provider Innovusion plans Nasdaq listing

Innovusion plans to issue up to 21,382,252 ordinary shares and list them on the Nasdaq exchange, according to an announcement from China's securities regulator.

Chinese LiDAR maker Hesai opens its 1st European office in Germany

This will help it further expand into the European market and accelerate its globalization, Hesai said.

Shanghai auto show: EVs take center stage, nearly 40 models equipped with LiDARs

There are 38 models equipped with LiDARs, of which BYD-backed RoboSense is the biggest winner, being the supplier of 18 of them.

Nio supplier Innovusion partners with Fuyao to put LiDAR behind windshield

Innovusion and Fuyao have begun joint research that has resulted in LiDAR integration behind the front windshield with less than 10 percent attenuation of detection performance.