Chip Shortage

XPeng CEO highlights chip shortage with hilarious video
XPeng CEO uses a KFC giveaway that went viral in China to express that the automotive industry is facing an ongoing chip shortage.
Chinese consumers get vehicles delivered faster as chip shortage eases
The waiting time for Li Auto consumers has now been reduced to a month to a month and a half from at least two months previously, according to China Securities Journal.
Guest PostTesla can deal with supply chain shortage, unlike most Chinese peers
Why didn't the shortage bother Tesla much? What's the crisis' implication on EV stock valuations?
XPeng to deliver P5 with delayed radar installation, but offers attractive benefits
Users will be able to get XPILOT assisted driving software for free if they choose to get their vehicles delivered first and get the radars installed after the end of March next year.
XPeng reportedly may deliver models missing some radars due to chip shortage
A severe shortage of radar chips is affecting XPeng's new vehicle deliveries, and it's likely to deliver models missing some millimeter-wave radars.
Bosch China exec visits Jidu Auto, possibly for talks on 2023 chip capacity bookings, report says
Bosch China President Chen Yudong said earlier this month that shortages of automotive chips will become the norm, the problem is just the extent.
Chinese official says auto chip shortage expected to ease in Q4 compared to Q3
A spokesman for the MIIT said the Chinese auto industry is still significantly affected by the chip shortage, but the situation is expected to ease.
Guest Post: Reasons why NIO ET7 will not have chip shortage problems
Eliminating chip shortage supply chain issues for ET7 will have transformational effects on NIO.
Darkest days of auto chip shortage are over, says CPCA secretary-general
Automotive chip supply will to improve, and Chinese auto production and sales will continue to strengthen in the coming months, said Cui Dongshu.
Analysts say worst moment of auto chip shortage in China has passed
The performance of China's auto wholesale sales improved significantly in late September in terms of average daily sales.