XPeng Europe

XPeng halts P5 reservations in Europe, citing export timeline issues
The setback regarding the P5 does not affect XPeng's long-term strategy in Europe, where it is moving to encourage local consumers to pre-order the P7 sedan.
XPeng rumored to be making management reshuffle, putting overseas expansion on hold
He Liyang, XPeng's vice president in charge of overseas markets, has recently left the company and his duties have been taken over by a vice president of human resources, according to LatePost.
XPeng announces reservation prices for P5 in European markets
XPeng has opened a direct experience store in Denmark, its third in Europe after Stockholm, Sweden and The Hague, Netherlands.
XPeng starts reservations for P5 sedan in four European countries, opens first store in Netherlands
Consumers in Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden can now begin pre-ordering the P5 sedan, with customers in the Netherlands being able to test drive the model starting in April.