This will start with the all-electric P7 sedan, with European deliveries set to begin this summer.

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Providing a localized infotainment system is a challenge for Chinese electric vehicle (EV) startups entering the European market, and XPeng (NYSE: XPEV) has chosen to work with a supplier that offers a proven solution to meet the needs of local consumers.

XPeng has selected the ACCESS Twine for Car (Twine4Car) in-car infotainment solution to provide apps and games for its new range of EVs, including prominent streaming services, the Chinese EV company announced today.

This will start with the all-electric XPeng P7 sedan, with European deliveries set to begin this summer, the company said.

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Moving forward, existing XPeng drivers will also have the option to upgrade their cars with an over-the-air (OTA) software update to include Access' Twine4Car.

XPeng has ramped up its expansion into overseas markets this year, after slowing that effort last year.

On February 3, XPeng announced the launch of its two newest EVs to the European market, the G9 flagship SUV and the new P7 sports sedan, and allowed consumers in Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden to order them.

On June 18, XPeng chairman and CEO He Xiaopeng said on Weibo that the company will launch "version 2.0" of its efforts in overseas markets starting in the third quarter with the delivery of the P7 and G9.

After that, XPeng will accelerate its entry into more countries, he said.

Unlike most of the exported models, XPeng expects to bring high-quality, high-tech vehicles to overseas markets and expects to see more and more Chinese brand vehicles around the world, he said.

The Twine4Car platform is the industry's leading automotive content and application services solution for connected car infotainment, enabling car companies to offer branded entertainment services, according to XPeng.

"We selected ACCESS Twine4Car as our in-vehicle infotainment provider to create a mobility experience that's more intuitive and enjoyable—our vehicles are designed to move people emotionally as well as physically," said Eric Xu, vice president of international markets at XPeng.

By using a more thoughtful approach to mobility, XPeng hopes to provide a higher level of sophistication and ease for drivers in Europe, said Xu.

The Twine4Car app store includes some of the most used and easily recognizable social and productivity apps that allow drivers and passengers to work and play in the car while parked or charging, according to an XPeng press release.

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ACCESS also offers a new game portal for XPeng that includes console-grade games with the latest high-compression streaming technology, allowing users to play even on low-speed connections.

"Whether its drivers wanting to stream their favorite songs and podcasts, or passengers looking to watch their favorite videos and access their favorite social media platforms, we look forward to enabling connected infotainment experiences that match the beauty and quality of XPeng's exciting new electric vehicles," said Masahiro Aono, CEO, ACCESS Europe.

Twine4Car acts as a central hub for all in-car services, bringing together content from global media partners to provide XPeng's cars with a wide range of apps, TV services, games and VOD offerings, according to the press release.

XPeng launches G9 and new P7 in Europe, restarts efforts to build presence overseas