After three years of operations in Europe, is now gearing up to enter one of the world's most competitive auto markets, the Chinese EV maker said.

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Xpeng (NYSE: XPEV) will enter the German market next year to further expand its presence in Europe.

The Chinese EV maker shared an update on its international operations at IAA Mobility today, including news that it will enter the German market in 2024.

After three years of operations in Europe, Xpeng is now preparing to enter one of the world's most competitive automotive markets, the company said in a press release.

"Today represents an important step on our international expansion journey," Xpeng vice chairman and co-president Brian Gu said.

"Xpeng is entering one of the most competitive automotive markets in the world, with customers that expect the absolute highest standards; we want to introduce a new level of sophistication with impressive technology that will define the new smart mobility era," Gu added.

As of today, Xpeng's German website is live:

Eric Xu, Xpeng's vice president of international markets, said France will be added to the company's new markets next year, and if possible the UK next year as well.

In Germany, Xpeng plans to sell through traditional distributors and is in talks with several larger chains, said Markus Schrick, the EV maker's head of Germany.

Xpeng announced on February 3 that it had introduced its two newest EVs, the G9 flagship SUV and the new P7 series sports sedan, to the European market and opened them up for ordering in Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Xpeng announced plans at the time that deliveries of the new P7 in Europe would begin in June, with deliveries of the G9 expected to begin in September.

On August 23, Xpeng announced that deliveries of the Xpeng P7i international edition officially began in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Xpeng wants to share more, better-working and smarter mobility products to customers around the world to experience the charm of smart driving, it said at the time.

The international version of the Xpeng G9 has begun shipping to Europe, the company said in the press release today.

Before Xpeng, its local counterpart (NYSE: NIO) had already started selling EVs in Germany.

In December 2022, Nio opened its first flagship showroom in Germany, Nio House. On March 31, Nio began delivering the ET5 sedan in the country.

Xpeng starts deliveries of P7i sedan in Europe