Flying Cars

Chinese eVTOL startup WEFLY secures tens of millions of dollars in angel round funding
WEFLY hopes to become a manned eVTOL operator in the medium to long term, and being an electric shuttle bus in the air is its long-term vision.
Flying car industry expected to get more policy support as it is included in development plan in China
China will deploy flying car research and development to break through technologies such as the integration of flying vehicles with cars and the free switching of flight and ground travel, a government document reads.
XPeng expects to finish making prototype that can both fly and drive like a car this year
HT Aero is building a flying car in the same way it builds cars. Instead of making an airplane drive on the ground, it's making a car that can fly at low altitude.
XPeng's HT Aero sees X2 flying vehicle debut in Europe
HT Aero will officially introduce the flying car at a future launch event in Europe. It previously said it plans to test-fly the X2 in Europe in the first half of 2022.
China sees major breakthrough in regulation of flying vehicles
The Civil Aviation Administration of China has issued "special conditions" to EHang for its unmanned aerial vehicle, putting it in the final stages of airworthiness validation for the EH216-S.
Chinese startup Autoflight realizes its eVTOL's transition from helicopter to airliner mode during flight
The aircraft is powered by eight rotors during takeoff and landing, and enters fixed-wing cruise mode after reaching an airspeed of 160-180 km/h.
'Not a flying machine', this is the future of flying vehicles according to XPeng CEO
"What we see as a flying car is not a flying machine, it should be a smart electric car in the city and a low-altitude flying vehicle in the suburbs."
XPeng CEO expects small number of cars to fly in the sky after 2024
The current smart cars are only in their infancy, and a small number of cars will be flying in the sky after 2024, and by 2030 they will take over the sky on a larger scale, he said.
XPeng's HT Aero plans to test-fly X2 flying vehicle in Europe in H1 2022
HT Aero's X2 flying car has made its European debut.
Expert expects batteries that will make flying cars reality could be available around 2025
Pennsylvania State University Professor Wang Chaoyang believes that commercial cab fleets, rather than privately owned flying cars, are likely to be the first to appear.