ARK Invest

ARK's Cathie Wood buys more XPeng shares
ARK Invest sold 93,160 shares of Tesla on Thursday and bought more shares of XPeng as well as another Chinese company, Niu Technologies.
BREAKING: Cathie Wood buys NIO for first time
ARKQ bought 420,057 shares of NIO on Friday, worth about $8.4 million, or 0.5 percent of the ETF's total position.
ARK Invest now holds about $30 million of XPeng as Cathie Wood keeps buying
As of December 23, ARKQ held 655,042 shares of XPeng ADRs worth about $30 million, or 1.37 percent of the position.
Cathie Wood keeps buying XPeng despite share price drop
ARKQ bought 92,271 shares of XPeng on Tuesday, increasing the stock to 1.25 percent of its position.
Cathie Wood opens position on XPeng, buys $13.4 million worth of stock
ARKQ bought 277,263 shares of XPeng's ADRs worth about $13.4 million on Thursday, representing 0.56 percent of the position.