ARKQ bought 277,263 shares of XPeng's ADRs worth about $13.4 million on Thursday, representing 0.56 percent of the position.

XPeng Motors, whose stock has fallen sharply over the past two days, has gained a well-known bargain hunter - Cathie Wood.

ARK Invest, which Wood manages, bought 277,263 XPeng ADRs worth about $13.4 million through its ARK Autonomous Tech & Robotics ETF (ARKQ) on Thursday, according to its latest position data.

These shares make up 0.56 percent of ARKQ's holdings, the data shows.

Cathie Wood opens position on XPeng, buys $13.4 million worth of stock-CnEVPost

While those positions are not large for the money Wood manages, they may contribute to the investor community's improving sentiment toward XPeng - and even more broadly Chinese electric vehicle stocks traded in the US - given the large number of investors following her.

XPeng released figures on Wednesday showing it delivered a record 15,613 units in November, hitting the company's previously mentioned target of 15,000 units.

But that didn't inspire optimism among investors, as the stock plunged 7 percent on Wednesday and fell another 5.57 percent on Thursday, giving back the gains of the past week.

Cathie Wood opens position on XPeng, buys $13.4 million worth of stock-CnEVPost

ARK Invest sold 80,720 shares of Tesla on Thursday, worth $87.54 million, and still holds about 2.26 million shares.

In addition to Tesla and XPeng, ARKQ holds 328,529 shares of BYD traded on the US OTC market (BYDDY) worth $25.45 million, or 1.07 percent of its position.

BYDDY has risen 25 percent in the past two months.

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