ARKQ bought 92,271 shares of on Tuesday, increasing the stock to 1.25 percent of its position.

After initiating a position in Xpeng Motors earlier this month, Cathie Wood continues to add to her holdings in the company, even though the electric vehicle maker's stock has continued to fall over the past week.

The latest holdings data shows that ARK Invest, which Wood manages, has increased its bet on Xpeng by adding to its US-traded ADRs through its ARK Autonomous Tech. & Robotics ETF (ARKQ).

As of December 15, ARKQ held 619,923 shares of Xpeng ADRs worth about $27.57 million, or 1.25 percent of the position.

Xpeng is currently ranked #30 in ARKQ's holdings, up from #34 previously.

ARKQ's last change in its position in Xpeng was on December 7, when the ETF bought 250,389 shares of Xpeng ADRs worth about $11.02 million.

As of December 7, ARKQ held 527,652 shares of Xpeng ADRs worth about $24.42 million, or 1.06 percent of the position.

This means that ARKQ bought 92,271 shares of Xpeng ADRs on Tuesday, adding $3.15 million to its Xpeng position.

ARKQ first bought 277,263 Xpeng ADRs worth about $13.4 million on December 2, representing 0.56 percent of ARKQ's position.

Xpeng closed down 1.88 percent to $44.47 yesterday, and has accumulated a 13 percent decline since December 2.