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Nio, Li Auto and Xpeng reportedly hire banks to prepare for Hong Kong listings

Nio has contacted Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley to offer 5 percent of its total share capital in Hong Kong, the report said, citing sources who added that Nio could also go public in China's A-share market.

Voyah FREE, a Li ONE competitor, will be up for pre-order on March 31

The Voyah FREE, a competitor to the Li Auto's Li ONE and owned by Dongfeng Motor's premium new energy vehicle brandĀ Voyah, will be available for pre-order on March 31.

Is Volkswagen ridiculing Li Auto again?

In a poster suspected to be for Volkswagen Power Day, the veteran car company seems to be trying to make Chinse electric vehicle maker Li Auto look awkward once again.

Nio, Xpeng, Li Auto evolving fast on smart car track, says analyst

Chinese EV trio - Nio, Xpeng Motors, and Li Auto have made the leap from 0 to 1 and have distinctive brand characteristics, and are now evolving rapidly on the intelligent track, an analyst said.

Li Auto offers performance-based option incentives to CEO, similar to Tesla

Li Auto, taking a page from Tesla, is giving its chairman and CEO Li Xiang options to purchase 108,557,400 Class B ordinary shares based on his performances.

Nio, Xpeng, Li Auto mull HK listings this year, report says

They each aim to sell at least 5% of their enlarged share capital in Hong Kong. Based on their New York market capitalization on Monday, proceeds could total around $5 billion.

Li Auto delivers 2,300 Li ONEs in February, down 57 percent from January

It's worth noting that the Chinese auto market is traditionally slow from January to February and that the Chinese New Year holiday during that period can make deliveries fluctuate.

Li Auto launches preferential finance package to boost sales

Li Auto today announced a special finance package valid for the next month to further strengthen its leadership position of its sole model, the Li ONE, in the new energy SUV market in China.

Li Auto says Shanghai's new policy on PHEVs will have little impact on it

"The introduction of the policy in Shanghai was within our expectation and was implemented even later than we anticipated," said Li Auto co-founder and president Shen Yanan.

CICC expects Li Auto to enter period of high growth from 2021

Li Auto has passed the 0-1 stage and is now entering the 1-10 stage, with a high growth period starting in 2021, Chinaā€™s top investment bank CICC said in a report released February 26.
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