's plant in Hungary has completed its capacity ramp-up, company co-founder and president Qin Lihong said at an event this week.

(Image credit: Nio)

Nio's (NYSE: NIO) second battery swap station in the Netherlands has come online, less than half a month after its first such facility in the country went into operation.

The second Nio battery swap station in the Netherlands has gone live in Apeldoorn, offering a convenient energy replenishment service for local users and those traveling to Germany, the company announced on Weibo Tuesday evening.

The first Nio battery swap station in the Netherlands went live in Tilburg on December 1.

The first Nio vehicles have been delivered in the Netherlands, and with the first battery swap stations online, consumers in the country will be able to have the experience of replacing their car batteries, Ruben Keuter, managing director of Nio Netherlands, previously said.

Nio held the Nio Berlin event on October 7 European time to introduce the three latest models -- the ET7, EL7 and ET5 -- to European consumers. The EL7 is known as the ES7 in China.

Unlike its direct sales of vehicles in Norway and China, Nio initially allowed local consumers in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden to lease vehicles only, not buy them.

On November 21, Nio began offering purchase options for consumers in those countries, though deliveries of cars with the purchase option will not begin until 2023.

On October 17, Nio announced that it made its first ET7 deliveries in Germany and the Netherlands.

Nio had previously set a goal of accumulating 20 battery swap stations in Europe this year, and planned to have the number reach 120 by the end of next year.

However, at a media event on December 12, Nio co-founder and president Qin Lihong said that the company's target of deploying battery swap stations in Europe this year may not be achieved, and the number may be around 18 by the end of the year.

Nio maintains its plan to have 120 battery swap stations in Europe by the end of next year, Qin said at the time.

The company's efforts to deploy battery swap stations in Europe are being advanced with the help of its plant in Hungary.

The Nio Power Europe Plant in Budapest, Hungary, saw its first battery swap station roll off the production line on September 16.

This is its first overseas plant, covering approximately 10,000 square meters, and will serve as the European production, service and R&D center for Nio's power products.

Nio has completed its capacity ramp-up at the plant in Hungary, Qin said at the event this week.

In addition to the plant that produces battery swap stations, Nio's research and development work for charging and battery swap facilities in Europe will all take place in Hungary, Qin said.

Here are more images of the second battery swap station in the Netherlands, shared by Nio.

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