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Nio reaches 50 swap stations in Europe

As of July 15, Nio had 15 battery swap stations in Norway and 17 in Germany, according to data compiled by CnEVPost.

Nio's Firefly models will still be competitive in Europe even with extra tariffs, says William Li

In the long term, if local sales reach a certain level, say 100,000 units, local production should take place, Nio CEO William Li said.

Nio launches new ES8 based on NT 2.0 platform in 5 European countries

Nio has also launched the ET7, EL7 (ES7), ET5, ET5T, EL6 (ES6) in Europe since entering the market in 2021.

Nio says its commitment to Europe remains unwavering despite protectionism

β€œIn Europe, Nio's commitment to the EV market remains unwavering, and we will continue to serve our users and explore new opportunities within Europe despite protectionism,” Nio said.

Nio adds new Nio House in Netherlands, its largest in Europe to date

The Nio House in Amsterdam is Nio's second in the Netherlands and seventh in Europe.

Nio plans to continue European expansion despite EU tariff uncertainties

William Li said that Nio plans to continue expanding in Europe despite tariff uncertainties in the European Union, and that many of the complaints raised by the EU do not make sense.

Nio signs partnership memo with Hungarian university to enhance local engagement

Nio said it hopes to use the partnership to promote exchanges with local young scholars, apply for European research programs, and conduct joint product development and testing.

Nio's swap station in Denmark has begun offering frequency regulation service to power grid

The service barely affects battery swap stations' ability to provide service to car owners, with one station bringing in revenue in the tens of thousands of euros a year, according to a Nio vice president.

Nio to launch Firefly brand in Europe in 2025

Nio will launch the Firefly brand in Europe in 2025, Reuters quoted the EV maker's president as saying.

Nio says its sales model in Europe unchanged, sub-brand Firefly evaluating multiple models

Nio is committed to a direct sales network in Europe, and the Firefly project is evaluating multiple channel models in Europe, including direct and dealer models, it said.
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