Battery Swap

EV startup Aiways to build battery swap-enabled models with CATL
The two will develop battery swap-enabled models based on the Aiways U5 and plan to bring it to market in the fourth quarter of 2022.
GAC Aion builds first swap station, officially becoming another new player in this field
GAC Aion says its battery swap station can replace vehicle batteries in as little as 2.5 minutes.
CATL's battery swap service begins operations, Xiamen first city to test waters
CATL has put four battery swap stations into operation in Xiamen, with the number expected to reach 30 in the city by the end of the year, and the monthly rent for a single battery block is RMB 399 ($62.6).
NIO's 900th battery swap station put into operation
To date, NIO has provided more than 8 million battery swap services, with 9 customers using the service more than 1,000 times.
NIO owns 63% of all battery swap stations in China
NIO, Aulton and Botan are the leading battery swap station operators in China, with 1,452 battery swap stations as of March.
BREAKING: NIO reportedly in talks to license battery swap technology to rivals
NIO is in talks with several other automakers about licensing battery swap technology, the Financial Times reports.
Jidu CEO says swap stations will dominate EV power-up system
In Jidu's CEO's opinion, battery swap stations will overtake superchargers and home chargers as the primary means of replenishing energy when EVs become mainstream.
NIO signs deal with state-owned firm to facilitate export of its swap stations
NIO has signed an agreement with state-owned CNTIC to provide solutions for the export, installation, commissioning and delivery of its battery swap stations.
NIO's battery asset operator begins construction of its technology institute
The first phase of the institute will be over 8,000 square meters in size and is expected to be completed and operational this year.
NIO says its swap stations cover all districts in Guangzhou
NIO has 25 battery swap stations in Guangzhou, covering all 11 districts of the city.