officially opened its first NIO Space in the Westfield Täby Mall Centrum in the Swedish capital Stockholm on December 8.

(Image credit: NIO)

NIO opened its first showroom in Sweden, where the company started local vehicle deliveries about a month ago.

NIO officially opened an NIO Space at Westfield Täby Mall Centrum in the Swedish capital Stockholm on December 8, according to information shared by the company's mobile app on Friday.

Stockholm is Sweden's largest city and a tourist destination. The city's NIO Space showcases the pure, minimalist NIO design aesthetic, the company said.

NIO Space is the smaller showroom of NIO, whose better-known showroom is the more functional NIO House.

As of the end of November, NIO had 318 NIO Spaces and 91 NIO Houses in China.

NIO currently has two NIO Houses in Norway and is building new ones in several European countries.

NIO held the NIO Berlin launch event on October 7 European time to introduce the three newest models -- the ET7, EL7 and ET5 -- to European consumers. The EL7 is known as the ES7 in China.

Unlike the vehicles it sells directly in Norway and China, NIO offers a service it calls NIO Subscription in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden that only allows local consumers to lease vehicles, not buy them.

On October 18, NIO said it made its first ET7 deliveries in Germany and the Netherlands, while customers from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway test-drove the sedan.

On November 15, NIO delivered the ET7s to consumers in Sweden for the first time, with the first local user being Jens Hagman from Stockholm.

"I like the NIO ET7 for several reasons, first and foremost perhaps the looks. It's understated but still very stylish," Hagman said at the time.

On November 17, NIO's first battery swap station in Sweden went live in Varberg.

The station is located next to the busy E6 freeway between Gothenburg and Malmö and can serve both urban car owners and those passing through the area on the freeway.

On November 21, NIO began offering purchase options in those countries as well, and deliveries of cars with the purchase option will begin in 2023.

Here are more pictures shared by NIO on its app.