The ET5 was the ninth best-selling premium sedan in China in November, with the ET7 at No. 8.

The NIO ET5 moved up in the ranking of best-selling premium sedans in China, as its production capacity increased.

With 2,968 retail sales in November, the ET5 ranked No. 9 on the list of top-selling premium sedans in China with a starting price above RMB 300,000 ($43,170), according to a list released today by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).

The ET5 is the cheapest in the NIO product lineup, with a starting price of RMB 328,000 before subsidies. Deliveries of the model began on September 30, with 221 units delivered in September.

October was the first full delivery month for the ET5, with retail sales of 1,030 units that month, ranking 10th on the CPCA's list for the month.

On August 26, on the first day of the Chengdu auto show, NIO co-founder and president Qin Li said he expects monthly sales of the ET5 to exceed those of the gasoline-powered BMW 3 Series in China within a year.

Notably, retail sales of the BMW 3 Series in China in November were 11,723 units, ranking No. 2 on the CPCA's list.

NIO's flagship sedan, the ET7, sold 3,180 units at retail in November, ranking 8th on the CPCA's latest top 10 premium sedan sales list, the same as the previous time.

The NIO ET7 began deliveries on March 28 and has been on the CPCA's list since April. The model's pre-subsidy starting price is RMB 448,000.

NIO currently sells six models in China, including three SUVs based on the NT 1.0 platform -- ES8, ES6 and EC6 -- and three models based on the NT 2.0 platform -- ES7, ET7 and ET5.

The company delivered a record 14,178 vehicles in November, 4,897 of which were ES7s. The ES7 ranked 9th in the premium SUV sales ranking published by the CPCA today.

From January to November, the NIO ET7 sold 21,667 units, ranking 8th among the top 10 highest-selling premium sedans, according to the CPCA's list.

The BMW 5 Series, as well as the BMW 3 Series, ranked in the top 2 on the January-November list, with sales of 159,821 and 145,148 units, respectively.