The two aim to drive large-scale adoption of high-performance LiDARs and accelerate the commercial use of high-level autonomous driving.

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Innovusion, 's LiDAR provider, announced Tuesday a strategic partnership with local self-driving startup Mogo Auto to join forces on businesses including autonomous driving and connected vehicles over the next three years.

The two will drive large-scale adoption of high-performance LiDARs and accelerate the commercial use of high-level autonomous driving, according to a statement from Innovusion.

Innovusion was founded in November 2016 and has R&D teams in Silicon Valley, Suzhou and Shanghai. Since its inception, it has accumulated three rounds of funding, with NIO Capital, NIO's venture capital arm, participating in each one.

Both of NIO's sedans, the ET7 and ET5, will be equipped with LiDAR built by the company and Innovusion.

Innovusion's long-range LiDAR production line in Ningbo, Zhejiang province in eastern China, has been installed and is in quasi-mass production, the company's founder and CEO, Bao Junwei, said late last month.

The Innovusion facility has an initial planned annual capacity of 100,000 units, Bao said at the time, adding that the company is confident it can meet vehicle delivery demand on time.

Innovusion is the world's first supplier to mass-produce high-performance LiDARs at scale, with its first fully industrialized automotive LiDAR production line capable of producing 100,000 units per year, it said in a press release Tuesday.

The ET7 features Innovusion's Falcon series long-range LiDAR, which uses a hybrid solid-state 2D scanning scheme with a wavelength of 1550nm and a maximum detection distance of 500 meters.

At the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this month, Innovusion unveiled a new short- and medium-range LiDAR called Robin.

The combination of Robin and Falcon will establish a more effective safety and performance guarantee for a full range of sensing solutions around the vehicle, the company said at the time.

Founded in 2017, Mogo Auto is a provider of autonomous driving technology and operations services with L4 autonomous driving technology and a smart transportation AI cloud platform, according to Innovusion's press release.

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In 2021, Mogo Auto expanded its self-driving commercialization business to cities and provinces including Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hunan, Henan and Hubei.

"Innovusion's forward-looking technology route and mature supply chain collaboration system will be a strong guarantee to advance the large-scale implementation of high-level autonomous driving commercialization," said Zhu Lei, founder and CEO of Mogo Auto.

NIO's LiDAR supplier Innovusion plans initial annual capacity of 100,000 units