NIO's LiDAR provider Innovusion enters strategic partnership with driverless tech firm TuSimple
In a joint project between the two, Innovusion's Falcon ultra-long-range LiDAR will serve as the primary vision radar on TuSimple's heavy truck models.
NIO explains capabilities of LiDAR on board ET7 in new video
NIO today released a video that explains the performance of ET7's LiDAR, which it developed in collaboration with Innovusion.
How will LiDAR used by NIO perform? Here are some facts you may want to know
CICC believes that the current mainstream 905nm LiDAR is sufficient for autonomous driving under normal conditions, but not enough in extreme scenarios.
NIO's LiDAR provider Innovusion enters into partnership with self-driving firm Mogo
The two aim to drive large-scale adoption of high-performance LiDARs and accelerate the commercial use of high-level autonomous driving.
NIO supplier Innovusion shows off LiDAR for ET7, unveils new offering at CES
Innovusion showcased the ultra-long-range LiDAR Falcon that will be on board the NIO ET7 and gave the debut of a short- to medium-range LiDAR called Robin.
NIO's LiDAR supplier Innovusion plans initial annual capacity of 100,000 units
Innovusion's long-range LiDAR production line in Ningbo has been installed and is in quasi-mass production, according to the company's CEO.
NIO-backed LiDAR maker Innovusion secures new funding to accelerate delivery for ET7
The capital will be used primarily to support the mass production and delivery of LiDARs for the NIO ET7, as well as Innovusion's innovation programs.
NIO's supplier says LiDAR key for carmakers to overtake Tesla
In the field of LiDAR, Tesla does not have the advantage gained by early layout. This technology is providing another dimension in the competition.
NIO's LiDAR supplier says it's offering ET7 with a high-performance product
Innovusion's LiDAR, developed in collaboration with NIO, will be a "high-performance product" with a 120-degree ultra-wide viewing angle and ultra-high resolution that can detect up to 500 meters.
NIO's LiDAR supplier Innovusion closes $64 million Series B round
NIO CEO William Li has said that the company has no plan B on the LiDAR option, implying that NIO is fully supporting the development of Innovusion.