Xpeng G3 adds three models for sales
Xpeng today announced the expansion and official sale of three series models: the G3 460, G3 460i, and G3 520i.The combined subsidized retail price is 146,800-199,800 yuan.
Here's the Xpeng P7's battery range in real life
Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) website showed that the Xpeng P7 long range version of the model unveiled in the catalog, the NEDC range is as high as 706km, surpassing the 650km range of the Tesla Model S in one fell swoop and becoming the highest range electric car in China.
Jaguar Land Rover ad strangely puts an Xpeng G3 in it
A Land Rover China advertisement, which was supposedly to promote its new Land Rover Discovery Sports vehicle on ByteDance's Jinri Toutiao apps, strangely put a Xpeng G3 in the video and triggered widespread attention among China's social platforms.
Xpeng gets production qualification after acquiring Foday
As the first mass-produced sedan P7 is about to go on the market, Chinese EV startup Xpeng Motors has finally solved the problem of the production qualification of the heart.
Xpeng P7 among EVs exempted from purchase tax in China
The Xpeng P7, made by Chinese electric car startup Xpeng Motors, is included in the latest catalogue of new energy vehicle exempted from purchase tax recently announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
Nio, Xpeng American branches start working from home on coronavirus fears
Xpeng's North American subsidiary already has half of its employees working from home, Tencent Auto quoted Xpeng insiders as saying on March 12.
Xpeng P7 has a range of 552km-706km, latest info shows
Chinese electric car startup Xpeng Motors recently announced the latest information on the P7. In addition to the rear-drive super-long battery life of up to 706km, this time its unveiled other models with different NEDC mileages.
Chinese EV startup Xpeng's P7 has a crazy range of 706km
The Xpeng P7, made by Chinese electric car startup Xpeng Motors, has a NEDC comprehensive range of 706km, becoming the longest range of electric vehicles in China, data showed today.
Xpeng Motors autonomous driving vice president resigns
Xpeng Motors said today that Junli Gu, its vice president of autonomous driving who had worked at Tesla, offered to leave the company for personal development and family reasons.
Xpeng launches 0 down payment car purchase policy in Beijing
Chinese electric car startup Xpeng Motors will offer preferential policies for consumers in Beijing with zero down payment, zero financial service fee, and zero purchase tax, the company said on February 21.