now has more than 1,000 of self-operated charging stations in China, including 186 S4 ultra-fast charging stations.

(Image credit: Xpeng)

Xpeng (NYSE: XPEV) already has nearly 200 charging stations equipped with the latest S4 ultra-fast chargers, after the first such facility was built last August.

Xpeng launched its charging station upgrade program this year and has so far completed upgrades of more than 160 stations with S4 ultra-fast charging capability, according to a WeChat post from the company today.

The station upgrades cover 91 cities in China, and S4 ultra-fast charging capability refers to charging piles with a maximum output of 360 kW and 480 kW.

Including the new S4 charging stations, Xpeng has now put 186 ultra-fast charging stations into operation in China, it said.

Xpeng's charging network added 349 third-party charging stations in the first quarter, and they are able to serve the company's vehicle owners for free, the company said.

As of April 1, Xpeng's charging network had a cumulative total of more than 2,200 charging stations, including more than 1,000 that the company operates itself.

Xpeng said it will continue to expand its S4 ultra-fast charging network and expects to add about 500 S4 ultra-fast charging-capable stations in 2023.

The company completed its first S4 ultra-fast charging station on August 15, 2022, its 1,000th self-operated charging station.

The charging station has a maximum power of 480 kW, a maximum current of 670 A and a peak charging power of 400 kW.

Xpeng's flagship SUV, the G9, was able to get a CLTC range of 210 km in 5 minutes when using this S4 ultra-fast charging station, as shown in a real-world test displayed by the company.

For comparison, 's V3 supercharger has a maximum power of 250 kW and a maximum current of 631 A, and can get a range of 150 km in as little as 5 minutes.

Xpeng expects to add more than 500 S4 ultra-fast charging stations in 2023, and the number will exceed 2,000 by 2025, the company said at its G9 launch event last September 21.

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