Market Recap

EV stocks continue rally in Hong Kong, XPeng up 10%, NIO up 2%
NIO is lagging behind its local peers, weighed down by the crash of its test vehicle.
NIO, XPeng, Li Auto surge in Hong Kong as investors expect NEV purchase tax exemption to continue next year
China is studying the extension of its policy on the purchase tax exemption for NEVs, a State Council meeting said yesterday.
EV stocks surge in Hong Kong, Li Auto rises 8% to all-time high
Li Auto launched its new SUV, the L9, on Tuesday, and Citi raised its price target on the company.
NIO surges over 11% in Hong Kong, market cap back to HK$300 billion
At press time, NIO was up 11.29 percent in Hong Kong, hitting a new high since April 6 and putting its market capitalization back at HK$300 billion.
NIO rises 6.6% in Hong Kong after ES7 launch and refresh of existing models
Deutsche Bank analyst Edison Yu's team believes NIO's deliveries are expected to move higher, shifting the narrative from supply constraints to a strong product super cycle.
China EV trio rises in Hong Kong as new product launches near
As of press time, NIO was up 2.48 percent to a new high so far this month. Li Auto was up 10.62 percent to a new high since early April.
EV stocks rise in Hong Kong after China cuts interest rate
China's central bank today cut its benchmark LPR rate for 5-year and above by 15 basis points to 4.45 percent.
EV stocks fall in Hong Kong after US market selloff
At press time, NIO was down 5 percent in Hong Kong, ending a four-day winning streak. XPeng was down 5.24 percent and Li Auto was down 2.39 percent.
NIO extends gains in Hong Kong, while XPeng and Li Auto fall
NIO has risen for a fourth straight day in Hong Kong, bringing its cumulative gain since May 13 to about 30 percent.
NIO leads EV stock gains in Hong Kong amid overall market rally
This is the third consecutive day of gains for NIO in Hong Kong, with cumulative advances of about 17 percent since last Friday.