Evergrande denies pushing back pre-sale of first model, but delays planned mass production
Hengchi 5's scheduled June 22 mass production date has been adjusted to September 20.
Evergrande's first EV model, Hengchi 5, reportedly to open for pre-order on May 20
The Hengchi 5 will initially be sold in small numbers to individual customers and will be used mainly in the ride-hailing market, local media reports said.
Evergrande's first EV model Hengchi 5 will soon be available for pre-order
Hengchi's first showroom and sales centers will soon open in 15 key cities, including Tianjin, Shanghai and Guangzhou.
Evergrande aims to see mass production of its first EV model, Hengchi 5, within three months
Hengchi 5 must be in mass production by June 22, Hui Ka Yan, or Xu Jiayin, chairman of Evergrande Group, said Tuesday.
Evergrande's first EV model gets regulatory approval to go on sale
Shares of Evergrande NEV Group traded in Hong Kong have pulled back about 96 percent from their all-time high at the end of February last year.
Evergrande's Hengchi 5 once again enters regulatory list for public comment
After a series of twists and turns late last year, the Hengchi 5 has once again made it onto a regulatory list for comment, setting the stage for its official launch.
Evergrande sees first production vehicle of Hengchi 5 roll off line
Evergrande NEV announced that the first production vehicle of its first model, the Hengchi 5, has rolled off the production line today, 12 days ahead of schedule.
Evergrande reportedly sees first production vehicle of Hengchi 5 roll off line
That's 12 days earlier than originally planned, and Evergrande will hold an official roll-out ceremony for its first vehicle in early January next year, local media said.
Evergrande sees first trial vehicle roll off production line
A Hengchi 5 trial production vehicle has rolled off the line, marking an important development in Evergrande's car-making business.
Evergrande's Hengchi 5 about to complete key regulatory process
The Hengchi 5 has appeared in the regulator's latest catalog, signaling that the model may soon be available to consumers.