Company Registration

Nio sets up parts firm in Chuzhou, possibly for Firefly brand

Previous reports said Firefly models would be built at Nio's F4 plant in Chuzhou.

Tesla sets up new-energy firm in Shanghai with registered capital of $2 million

The company's business scope includes energy storage technology services and solar power technology services, and may be the operating entity for Tesla's energy storage business in China.

BYD establishes JV in Uzbekistan for local production

The joint venture will focus on the production of several of BYD's best-selling models, including the DM-i super hybrid models, and related parts.

Xpeng sets up another battery-related subsidiary after denying its own R&D plans

The company, which has a registered capital of 5 billion yuan ($718 million), has a range of operations including battery manufacturing, battery sales, battery parts production, motor manufacturing and R&D.

Xpeng establishes new subsidiary with business scope including battery making

Xpeng may be preparing for future battery development. A month ago, a similar company established by Nio received a lot of media coverage.

William Li responds to why Nio sets up battery-making arm

Making batteries is a normal strategy for automakers, said William Li.

Nio sets up battery business subsidiary in Hefei

The company has a registered capital of RMB 2 billion ($275 million) and its business scope includes battery manufacturing and battery sales.

Nio sets up software arm in Shanghai, possibly paving way for NAD launch

Nio's assisted driving system, NAD, is available on a subscription basis with a service fee of RMB 680 per month and is expected to be available starting in the fourth quarter in China.

Li Auto's SiC chip joint venture established with registered capital of about $47 million

Previous information indicated that the company, which is 70 percent owned by Li Auto's affiliates, would focus on SiC chip development.

Li Auto establishes venture capital subsidiary after Nio

Li Auto's subsidiary engaged in venture capital was established on March 4 with a registered capital of RMB 600 million.