at 3,141, at 4,228 and at 1,962 for the week. As a comparison, their numbers in the previous week were 3,759, 4,364 and 1,466 respectively.

China's new energy vehicle (NEV) insurance registrations increased in the first week of December compared to the previous week, although the performances of major automakers were mixed.

Between November 28 and December 4, China's NEV sales were 129,000 units in terms of insurance registrations, up 36.7 percent year-on-year and up 5 percent from the previous week, according to figures shared by auto blogger Zhu Yulong on Weibo today.

Sales of all passenger cars in China were 387,000 units for the week, down 14.1 percent year-on-year and up from 365,000 units the week before.

Of those, sales of conventional internal combustion engine vehicles were 258,000 for the week, up from 243,000 the week before, but down 27 percent year-on-year.

and were the top performers in the week, with 40,243 and 11,670 units, respectively.

Nio was at 3,141 units for the week, Li Auto at 4,228 units, and Xpeng at 1,962 units. As a comparison, their figures for the previous week were 3,759, 4,364, and 1,466 respectively.

was at 9,030 units for the week, up from 1,794 the week before. was at 3,060 units, down from 3,265 the week before.

Leapmotor was 2,008 units, up from 1,821 the week before, and GAC Aion was 4,876 units, up from 3,984 the week before.

It is worth noting that while weekly insurance registration figures are highly watched, they usually lag behind deliveries.

For some companies, the monthly insurance registration figures are not far off from the delivery figures, while some are not.

For example, Nio vehicles registered 9,806 insurance units in October, slightly lower than the 10,059 deliveries the company posted.

Neta vehicles had 9,832 insurance registrations in October, well below the 18,016 deliveries it posted for the month. This may be a result of a large number of vehicles being delivered to dealers, rather than consumers.

Nio delivered a record 14,178 vehicles in November, with the impact of the Covid disruption on its plants significantly lessening in November, according to data the company released on December 1.

The company will further accelerate production and deliveries in December, it said last week.

Nio vehicles registered 2,852, 3,124, 3,325 and 3,759 insurance units in China in the first four weeks of November, for a total of 13,060 units.

Xpeng delivered 5,811 vehicles in November, up 14 percent from 5,101 in October, but down 62.8 percent from 15,613 in the same month last year.

The company expects deliveries to increase significantly in December as production of its flagship SUV, the G9, ramps up under normal operating conditions.

Xpeng's fourth-quarter guidance, announced on November 30, means it expects to deliver about 10,000 vehicles in December.

Li Auto delivered 15,034 vehicles in November, a record high for a single month, despite some disruptions to its supply chain that caused slight delays in deliveries of the Li L9 Max as well as the Li L8 Pro.

China NEV insurance registrations in 4th week of Nov: BYD 38,480, Tesla 16,121, NIO 3,759