Zeekr reaches 10,000 deliveries of home chargers
To date, Zeekr has received nearly 15,000 cumulative orders for home charger installations, it said.
Zeekr further cuts car purchase benefits, blames raw material price hikes
This comes just 13 days after Zeekr last raised the price of a model and cut back on a number of benefits.
Deutsche Bank on China EV deliveries: April weak as expected due to Covid, expect May recovery
Edison Yu's team expects some spillover in May related to suppliers slowly returning to production, with June likely to be the first normal month.
Zeekr delivers 2,137 vehicles in April, up 19% from March
Zeekr's only model currently on sale, the Zeekr 001, saw an increase in price or a reduction in the benefits offered to consumers today.
Zeekr announces price increase plan, says it has done its best to absorb cost pressures
Consumers who purchase the Zeekr 001 YOU version after May 1 will face a cost of RMB 20,500 higher than those who purchase it currently.
Deutsche Bank on Chinese EV startup 'Fab 5' deliveries: Impact of Covid lockdown limited
Edison Yu's team does not expect raw material price increases to have a materially negative impact on EV demand, considering that many ICE vehicle prices are also rising.
Zeekr to hike prices of Zeekr 001 on May 1
NEV price hikes have recently become a common industry phenomenon due to factors including the continued rise in upstream raw material prices, Zeekr said.
Zeekr delivers 1,795 units in March, down 38% from Feb
Zeekr blamed the decline on the Covid pandemic and the impact of chip supply, saying it expects deliveries to pick up significantly in April.
Zeekr said to launch high-performance version of Zeekr 001
The high-performance version of the Zeekr 001 will have a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of less than 3 seconds, according to local media.
Deutsche Bank on 'Fab 5' Chinese EV makers' deliveries: Seasonal low point in rear view mirror
Edison Yu's team believes that February's delivery decline reflects the seasonality of the Chinese New Year and that March is expected to see a strong rebound.