Tesla Owners

Tesla asks owners who buy multiple vehicles in China to promise not to resell them within a year

Extended delivery times and rising prices in China have led some to see an opportunity to resell Tesla vehicles at a profit.

Tesla bug leaves Chinese user with charging bill of over $600,000

That's enough to charge over 32,000 Tesla Model 3s from 0 to 100 percent.

In China's remote mountainous region, there is a 'Tesla village'

Some villagers use the Model Y as a mobile vending cart, others use it as a camping facility to host tourists.

Tesla denies Chinese owners face big insurance cost hikes, says average increase about 10%

Tesla said insurance costs for its vehicles in China have risen by an average of about 10 percent, with the Performance version at 20 percent or less.

Owner ordered to pay Tesla about $7,750 for falsely claiming brake failure

The crash occurred on August 12, 2020, when the owner was driving a Model 3 that crashed into a dozen cars before coming to a stop.

Tesla ruled to compensate owner for sales fraud in China

Tesla was previously sued by an owner for alleged sales fraud, and now the final verdict shows that Tesla is required to return the purchase price of the car to the owner for RMB 778,200 ($120,304) and pay the same amount of compensation.

Owner complains Tesla vehicle abnormally lost power, trapping him inside

Tesla has been accused by a car owner of trapping him inside his car after a slew of complaints about its brakes not working.

Tesla advises Chinese customers to take test before taking delivery

The test is an online quiz that covers safe driving, basic features, and usage tips. It simulates the challenges owners may encounter to help them use their vehicles better.

Car owner sues Tesla, seeks about $7,720 in damages

Tesla's dispute with a female owner in China continues, and the latter has sued the company, as well as an executive, and is seeking damages.

Chinese residential community bans Tesla vehicles from entering

A spate of accidents involving Tesla vehicles in China is spilling over to innocent owners and causing problems in their lives.