Some villagers use the Model Y as a mobile vending cart, others use it as a camping facility to host tourists.

Do you think that only residents of Shanghai and Beijing are buying vehicles? The truth is they're already making their way into some of China's remote villages.

Tesla's official Weibo account shared a video today, and while it's certainly an advertisement, it's an interesting look at a "Tesla village" deep in the mountains of Yunnan province in southwestern China.

The village is called Panzhiga, and its first Tesla owner is Cai Run, who returned to his hometown after years of working in other cities to open a rural hotel to provide accommodation for tourists.

On his recommendation, 30 other villagers bought Tesla vehicles.

Some of them thought Cai was nuts at first; after all, this place doesn't have adequate charging facilities like big cities. But they chose to trust Cai and, liking the look of the Tesla models as well, became new Tesla owners.

With Cai's help, some other villagers also started to open village hotels.

When there are not enough rooms in the hotels here, they let visitors spend the night in the Model Y vehicles. And some of the visitors who experienced the camping mode loved the feature, according to Cai's words in the video.

The video shows some villagers also using the Model Y as a mobile vending cart and taking advantage of Tesla's audio out feature to attract consumers.

In its Weibo, Tesla said the village is the first to have a destination charging station signed by the company's CEO Elon Musk.

Here's the video from Tesla's official Weibo, which we've reposted on YouTube for English readers:

Tesla began deliveries of the Model Y, made at its Shanghai plant, last January, and the model sold 16,358 units in China in January of this year, up 896.8 percent from 1,641 units last January, data released by the China Passenger Car Association last month showed.

That makes the Model Y the second best-selling new energy SUV in China in January, behind the Song's 20,722 units.

Sales figures for Tesla's China-made vehicles are not yet available.