(Source: Xi'an Business News)

A spate of accidents involving vehicles in China is spilling over to innocent owners and causing problems in their lives.

A residential community in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, in northwest China, has posted a notice at the entrance banning Tesla vehicles, the Xi'an Business News reported on May 6.

A resident of the neighborhood complained that his Tesla vehicle had never had a problem with its brakes, and now the unexpected encounter is causing problems for his family.

He expressed strong dissatisfaction that his legitimate rights had been violated.

A property manager in the neighborhood was quoted by the Xi'an Business News as saying that the notice was posted around May 1 and that other vehicles were allowed to pass normally.

"My supervisor told me I needed to put up this notice, and I'm not sure exactly why," the staff member said, adding, "We follow the requirements and Teslas have not been able to pass through here lately."

This comes at a time when Tesla has been involved in a series of negative events in China.

On April 19, at the Tesla booth at the Shanghai auto show, a female owner surnamed Zhang drew widespread attention when she stood on top of a car wearing a T-shirt with texts that could be translated as "Brake Failure" in protest.

She was then forcibly carried out by staff and detained for five days for disturbing public order.

Previously, the woman's father was involved in a traffic accident while driving her car home, claiming he was braking when the vehicle accelerated instead of slowing down causing it to rear-end multiple cars in front of him.

The local traffic police determined that Zhang's father was driving the vehicle illegally causing the accident and should be held fully responsible for the accident.

On March 9, the Zhengzhou market regulator in central China's Henan province invited Tesla and the owner to mediation, where the two parties disagreed and the mediation was unsuccessful. Zhang subsequently protested several times.

While this dispute was pending, a large number of new accidents involving Tesla vehicles began to be reported, although statements released by Tesla all indicated that the braking systems of these vehicles were normal.