BREAKING: NIO to build plant for sub-brand models at NeoPark, plans to start production in 2024
Hefei Economic Development Zone and NIO signed a cooperation agreement on NeoPark Phase II and key components projects.
Hefei leverages government bonds to fund NeoPark construction
For the first phase of the NeoPark infrastructure project, with a total investment of RMB 4.07 billion, Hefei received RMB 2.45 billion in funding through a government bond issue.
NeoPark construction continues as China celebrates Labor Day holiday
More than 600 workers gave up their Labor Day holiday leave to continue working on the NeoPark Phase I (North) project.
BREAKING: NIO begins hiring blue-collar workers for its facility in NeoPark
Production at NIO's NeoPark facility is expected to see the first production vehicle roll off the line in the third quarter.
NIO begins equipment installation at its facility in NeoPark
The first model it produces will see a tooling trial prototype roll off the line in the second quarter of 2022, with the production car coming off the line in the third quarter of next year.
Main building of NIO's plant in NeoPark passes acceptance
The complex is expected to be handed over to NIO for equipment installation by the end of November, with production to begin in September next year.
NIO targets annual production capacity of 600,000 units by end of 2022, according to Deutsche Bank
Another 300,000 units of capacity will come from the plant currently under construction in NeoPark, which is expected to be completed in the second half of 2022.
Guest PostWhy NeoPark matters to NIO?
"I will not be surprised in NIO increases their smart EV and battery manufacturing capacity pass 1 million in 2023 or beyond."
NIO's second plant has begun construction, production to begin in Q3 2022, CEO says
"It's very fast, and I looked at it yesterday and the plant has already started building the structural part," Li said.
NeoPark by NIO and Hefei starts construction with initial investment of RMB 50 billion
After the NeoPark is completed, NIO can save RMB 3,000 per vehicle in logistics costs.