Huawei Inside

First model with 'Huawei Inside' officially launched in China
The biggest highlight of the Arcfox α-S with "Huawei Inside" is its autonomous driving capability.
Huawei plans to unveil more vehicles built with partners this year
It's becoming increasingly clear to Huawei that the automotive or mobility industry has reached a point of inflection, said the tech giant's Rotating Chairman.
Arcfox α-S with 'Huawei Inside' reportedly to start small-scale deliveries by end of next month
This appears to be a month's delay from the previous plan. The model is the first production vehicle to be equipped with Huawei's smart car solutions.
Arcfox α-S with 'Huawei Inside' said to start deliveries in Nov
This is the first time Huawei's smart car solution has appeared on a production model.
Arcfox α-S equipped with 'Huawei Inside' to start open road testing
Arcfox, the BAIC-owned EV brand, saw the first 100 Arcfox α-S vehicles equipped with "Huawei Inside" from Validation Build roll off the production line on August 31 and will be tested on the open road.
Arcfox α-S with 'Huawei Inside' aims to deliver 1,000 units this year
Arcfox, the electric car brand of Chinese automaker BAIC Group, is aiming to deliver 1,000 units of Arcfox α-S with 'Huawei Inside' this year, but said it is challenging.
Changan's premium EV brand's first model will be midsize SUV with Huawei Inside
Changan said that it plans to launch five models based on the CHN architecture over the next five years, the first of which, codenamed E11, will feature the Huawei Inside smart car solution.
Arcfox model equipped with 'Huawei Inside' have seen orders exceed 1,000 units
Arcfox unveiled the Arcfox α-S last month, with the higher-spec version featuring the Huawei Inside solution. Now, according to the latest report, orders for this model have exceeded 1,000 units in only one month.
Electric vehicle model equipped with 'Huawei Inside' debuts
Two days after Huawei debuted its amazing autonomous driving technology, a model equipped with the technology was launched in China.
Huawei says smart cars with 'Huawei Inside' in mass production
At the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show, cars built on the Huawei Inside partnership model will demonstrate their self-driving capabilities in densely populated urban areas.