First model with 'Huawei Inside' officially launched in China
The biggest highlight of the Arcfox α-S with "Huawei Inside" is its autonomous driving capability.
BAIC's Arcfox brand to raise prices on some models by about $820
Arcfox originally planned to start raising prices on May 1, but the plan has been postponed to May 16.
Arcfox to increase prices from May 1
That's because of rising raw material prices and reduced state subsidies for NEV purchases, Arcfox said.
Arcfox delivered 1,186 vehicles in Dec, up 696% year-on-year
For the full year of 2021, Arcfox delivered 4,993 vehicles, it said.
BAIC BluePark says it has completed development of 2nd-gen solid-state battery cells
BAIC BluePark says its planned third-generation solid-state battery technology will be used in a new Arcfox-branded model with a cell energy density of 360Wh/kg.
Arcfox α-S with 'Huawei Inside' reportedly to start small-scale deliveries by end of next month
This appears to be a month's delay from the previous plan. The model is the first production vehicle to be equipped with Huawei's smart car solutions.
Arcfox α-S with 'Huawei Inside' said to start deliveries in Nov
This is the first time Huawei's smart car solution has appeared on a production model.
Huawei set to offer BAIC's new energy vehicles in its sales channels
After Seres, BAIC BluePark's models are set to enter Huawei's sales channel as well.
Arcfox α-S equipped with 'Huawei Inside' to start open road testing
Arcfox, the BAIC-owned EV brand, saw the first 100 Arcfox α-S vehicles equipped with "Huawei Inside" from Validation Build roll off the production line on August 31 and will be tested on the open road.
Arcfox delivered 525 units in July, up 90 percent from June
In late May, the Arcfox α-S's production-line verification vehicle officially rolled off the production line, with small-volume deliveries scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.