CATL says it has explored possibility of local production with US customers
As for the specifics, the impact of worker training, efficiency, labor unions and other factors on quality and cost need to be taken into account.
CATL shares plunge after posting weaker-than-expected earnings
At press time, CATL was down 8.64 percent on volume that hit a single-day high since its 2018 IPO in less than half a trading day.
CATL remains world's largest EV battery maker with 35% share in Q1
CATL shipped 33.3 GWh in the first quarter, with a 35 percent share, up from 34.4 percent at the end of February.
CATL says it has renegotiated prices with customers to jointly address supply chain pressures
CATL is very cautious when it comes to prices in order to maintain a healthy industry, but prices have risen too quickly this year, an executive said.
CATL sees 24% year-on-year drop in net profit in Q1 amid rising material prices
CATL's operating costs rose 199 percent year-on-year to RMB 41.6 billion in the first quarter due to rapidly rising upstream raw material prices.
CATL reportedly ramping up efforts on CTC technology that integrates batteries into vehicle chassis
An executive from Huawei's intelligent vehicle solutions BU has joined CATL to head up the CTC battery-chassis integration business, according to local media.
EV startup Aiways to build battery swap-enabled models with CATL
The two will develop battery swap-enabled models based on the Aiways U5 and plan to bring it to market in the fourth quarter of 2022.
CATL plans to build new $2 billion battery plant in Xiamen
CATL supplied RMB 13 billion worth of power batteries to Tesla last year.
CATL's net profit grows 185% to about $2.47 billion in 2021
Sales of power battery systems are the company's main source of revenue, contributing RMB 91.49 billion last year, up 132.06 percent year-on-year.
CATL's Shanghai plant has resumed production
CATL, a battery supplier to Tesla, has a battery module assembly plant located a few blocks from Giga Shanghai.