The ET5 Touring has arrived at stores and will be available in NIO showrooms on the evening of June 9, and those interested can check it out on June 10, according to a blogger who has been following NIO for a long time.

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The ET5 Touring, a derivative of NIO's (NYSE: NIO) ET5 sedan, hasn't been officially launched yet, but it's no longer a secret.

The ET5 Touring has quietly arrived in NIO stores, longtime NIO follower and car blogger @肉肉爸比ev said on Weibo today.

The model will enter NIO's showrooms on the evening of June 9 and those interested can check it out on June 10, the blogger said, without providing any more information.

Notably, NIO has not yet announced an official launch date for the ET5 Touring, and the electric vehicle (EV) maker will announce first-quarter earnings before the US stock market opens on June 9 and then hold an analyst call.

On June 2, car blogger Wu Ying, who has about 1 million followers on Weibo, said the ET5 Touring will be launched on June 15.

On June 5, the first slide on the front page of NIO's English website showed a picture of part of the interior details of a model, with the text "Inspired By Life."

The date on the image implies that the event will take place on June 15.

The information on NIO's website does not suggest that the model is the ET5 Touring, but the image shows that it does not appear to have a HUD (heads-up display), and the ET5 is currently the only one in NIO's product lineup that does not support HUD.

NIO plans to launch a new model based on NT 2.0, the ET5 Touring, a midsize smart electric wagon that will begin deliveries to customers in June, it said when it announced May deliveries on June 1.

The ET5 Touring will be launched globally in June and deliveries will begin in China, it said in a separate press release.

For the ET5 Touring, Deutsche Bank analyst Edison Yu's team expects pricing of RMB 335,000 ($47,030) - RMB 345,000, which would be slightly higher than the regular ET5's RMB 328,000.

NIO management aims to capitalize on the success of the 001, which proves there is a sizable local market for luxury sport EV wagons, the team said in a research note sent to investors on June 5.

The ET5 Touring has been seen frequently in Europe as well as China over the past two months.

($1 = RMB 7.1232)

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