The House is located in the Rotterdam Centrum neighborhood of Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands.

(Image credit: Nio)

Nio (NYSE: NIO) will open its first Nio House in the Netherlands a day later, as the Chinese electric vehicle (EV) maker works to bring its entire service model from China to overseas markets.

Nio's first Nio House in the Netherlands will officially open on March 23 local time, according to a post by Ruben Keuter, general manager of Nio Netherlands, published today on the company's mobile app.

The Nio House is located in Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands, which is an important port connecting five continents.

Nio Houses is Nio's flagship showroom, which functions as a space to display and sell vehicles while providing a quality lifestyle for Nio owners. The company's showrooms also include the much smaller Nio Spaces.

The Nio House building generally consists of two areas, a display area for vehicle models, and a place with various functions for users.

With the Nio House, Nio hopes to make this lifestyle available to users in every city, so that outsiders will think that buying an Nio vehicle is not just getting a car, but joining a high-end lifestyle group.

The first Nio House in the Netherlands is located in Rotterdam's Rotterdam Centrum neighborhood, next to a new, chic and colorful variety of buildings, according to the article in the Nio App.

On October 1, 2021, Nio opened an Nio House in Norway, its first such facility in Europe.

Nio held the Nio Berlin launch event on October 7 European time, introducing its three latest models to European consumers -- the ET7, EL7 and ET5. The EL7 is known as the ES7 in China.

On October 18, Nio said it made the first ET7 deliveries in Germany and the Netherlands.

On December 1, the first Nio battery swap station in the Netherlands went online. On December 13, Nio announced that its second battery swap station in the Netherlands was put into operation.

Here are some images of Rotterdam shared by Nio.

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