vehicles registered 2,690 insurance units in the fourth week of December, including 1,273 ET5s, 595 ES7s, 439 ES6s, 213 ET7s, 89 ES8s and 81 EC6s.

In the fourth week of December, December 19-25, China's new energy vehicle (NEV) sales, as measured by insurance registrations, were 182,000 units, up 48.09 percent year-on-year and 12.63 percent from the previous week, according to figures shared by auto blogger Zhu Yulong on Weibo today.

Sales of all passenger cars in China were 654,000 in the week, up 18.84 percent year-on-year and 9.17 percent from the previous week.

Of those, sales of conventional internal combustion engine vehicles were 472,000 for the week, up 10.4 percent year-on-year.

was at 51,636 units and was at 8,915 units for the week. BYD's figures for the first three weeks of December were 40,243, 44,817 and 50,462 units, respectively. Tesla's figures for the first three weeks were 11,670, 12,977 and 10,254, respectively.

BYD has been producing two to three thousand fewer cars a day in recent days because many workers have contracted Covid, the company's executive vice president Lian Yubo said at an event on December 22.

BYD could have sold 1.9 million units this year, but the loss of production in recent days will have an impact of 20,000-30,000 units on December sales, he said, adding that BYD's sales this year will probably be around 1.88 million units.

From January to November, BYD's total sales of all vehicles, including internal combustion engine vehicles, plug-in hybrids and battery-electric vehicles, were 1,633,346 units, data monitored by CnEVPost showed.

Lian's remarks mean that BYD is expected to sell around 247,000 units in December. BYD stopped production and sales of vehicles powered entirely by internal combustion engines in March this year.

NIO vehicles had 2,690 insurance registrations in the fourth week of December, including 1,273 ET5s, 595 ES7s, 439 ES6s, 213 ET7s, 89 ES8s and 81 EC6s, according to the blogger.

NIO vehicles had 3,141 insurance registrations in the first week of December, 2,982 in the second week, and 3,464 in the third week.

Considering that three days of the first week of December were in November, these numbers mean that NIO vehicles have had about 10,900 insurance registrations since December.

NIO today lowered its guidance for fourth-quarter deliveries, blaming the Covid outbreak that has created delivery and production challenges.

The company now expects to deliver 38,500 to 39,500 vehicles in the fourth quarter, down 4,500-8,500 units from the previously issued guidance of 43,000-48,000 units.

Considering that NIO delivered 10,059 and 14,178 vehicles in October and November respectively, the latest guidance means it expects December deliveries to be 14,263-15,263 vehicles, still a record high.

vehicles had 2,536 insurance registrations in the fourth week of December, compared to 1,962, 2,127 and 3,257 in the previous three weeks.

Insurance registrations for vehicles in the fourth week of December were 5,156, compared to 4,228, 3,013 and 4,558 for the previous three weeks.

So far this month, Li Auto has accumulated 14,539 vehicle insurance registrations, and if it continues to exceed 5,000 in the final week, there is a good chance that sales for the month will exceed 20,000, the blogger said.

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China NEV insurance registrations in 3rd week of Dec: BYD 50,462, Tesla 10,254, NIO 3,464