announced its executive shakeup decision on Tuesday, removing Su Jing from his role as head of smart driving. Earlier this month there were rumors that Su had joined , but the rumors were denied.

Bian Honglin, formerly Huawei's consumer BG CTO, replaced Su as the Smart Car Solutions BU CTO, the company told employees on July 27.

Huawei responded to the media that Su made inappropriate comments against when talking about self-driving technology and safety, so the company decided to remove Su from his position as head of the Smart Driving Product Department of the Smart Car Solutions BU.

Su will go to the strategic reserve for training and assignment, the company said, adding that Huawei respects the efforts and contributions of every participant in the industry in the field of self-driving.

Su previously spoke about Tesla's self-driving accident at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, saying that accidents are bound to happen when machines and humans live in symbiosis, "to put it bluntly, it's killing people".

Su was previously rumored to be joining NIO, but the EV maker later responded that the news was not true. Su also said that he was still with Huawei ADS and had just taken the COVID-19 vaccine.

Su was previously the chief architect of Huawei Terminal, and later served as the head of Huawei's Smart Driving Product Department, known for his superior skills and straightforward personality.

Su has made several controversial public statements, including "In the next 100 years, the IQ of machines will not exceed that of humans, and L5 autonomous driving will be difficult to achieve in this lifetime."

This staffing change means that the original team that had fought in the cell phone market has joined the car business, and Huawei urgently needs the car business to make up for the vacancy in the cell phone business.

NIO rumored to have hired Huawei's smart driving president, EV maker denies