Li Auto has been working hard to create the image that its models are geared toward family needs, but a recent user complaint has put it in the spotlight.

A video circulating on Weibo shows an owner claiming to have found mercury, a heavy metal that can be toxic, between the seams of his newly purchased Li ONE seats.

The video shows beads of mercury rolling around in the seams of the seats of the Li ONE. The owner said he removed seats and found traces of mercury in the seams of the steel brackets and between plates of the seats as well.

On July 5, responded on Weibo, saying that the company attaches great importance to this and has launched a full investigation.

According to Li Auto, Li ONE does not use mercury in its product design, raw material selection, manufacturing, transportation and delivery, and complies with relevant regulations and EU ELV hazardous substances requirements.

It is unclear what the suspected mercury substance is, and a report on said that the owner has called the police.

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