Chinese chip company Horizon Robotics is on track to ship a million automotive AI chips this year, up from 160,000 in 2020, the company said Tuesday.

This year Horizon Robotics will launch Journey 5 and Journey 5P, two automotive AI chips that will support 16 cameras with 96 TOPs and 128 TOPs of computing power respectively, and 20W and 35W of power consumption.

The power consumption of traditional automotive electronics generally does not exceed 20W, and excessive power consumption requires car companies to redesign the cooling system, causing stability risks, according to Huang Chang, the company's founder, and CTO.

Horizon Robotics' planned Journey 6 chip will have 400+ TOPs of computing power to support L4/L4+ self-driving.

Journey 2 has already been used in more than 30 vehicles, including the Changan UNI-T, Chery eQ5, SAIC Zhiji, and Changan UNI-K, according to Horizon Robotics.

The company said the impact of the global chip shortage is not significant, and that mass production of Journey 3 will be announced in May and Journey 5 in the third quarter of next year.

Horizon Robotics can predict the evolution of its algorithms over the next six months to a year, but the pace of algorithm development will change exponentially, according to Luo Heng, head of algorithms for BPU.

As previously reported by CnEVPost, Chinese automotive giants SAIC Group and Great Wall Motor have both partnered with Horizon Robotics this year.

After Great Wall Motor, SAIC reportedly invests in auto chip firm Horizon Robotics

Horizon Robotics expects to ship one million of its auto AI chips this year-CnEVPost

(Photo: Horizon Robotics)

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