will launch a flying car at the end of 2021, and those who are interested can go for a test drive, Xpeng Chairman and CEO He Xiaopeng said in a recent interview with Tencent Tech.

Probably in the next four years, "you'll see a few new gadgets coming out of Xpeng that are beyond everyone's imagination," he said.

He said that the movement patterns of many vehicles are changing today, and it is important to make a vehicle that can be driven safely and also fly at low altitudes, which represents a new kind of structural innovation.

Xpeng's logic is to be able to think more about the underlying innovation and structural innovation without being bound by integrated innovation and scenario-based innovation, he said.

In September last year, Xpeng Heitech, an innovative aerospace high-tech company jointly invested and controlled by He Xiaopeng and Xpeng, was presented at the Beijing International Auto Show and demonstrated its first ultra-low altitude flying car, the Traveler T1.

He Xiaopeng said at the time that "this is not a concept by any means, it has already flown thousands of feet". Xpeng Heitech is developing the second generation of ultra-low altitude flying car, which is expected to be completed by 2021, and the second generation of flying car seats may be increased to two, he said.