Chinese eVTOL startup WEFLY secures tens of millions of dollars in angel round funding
WEFLY hopes to become a manned eVTOL operator in the medium to long term, and being an electric shuttle bus in the air is its long-term vision.
Chinese startup Autoflight realizes its eVTOL's transition from helicopter to airliner mode during flight
The aircraft is powered by eight rotors during takeoff and landing, and enters fixed-wing cruise mode after reaching an airspeed of 160-180 km/h.
Expert expects batteries that will make flying cars reality could be available around 2025
Pennsylvania State University Professor Wang Chaoyang believes that commercial cab fleets, rather than privately owned flying cars, are likely to be the first to appear.
Shanghai-based Autoflight completes maiden flight test of manned vehicle V1500M
The V1500M is powered by an all-electric system and has a maximum passenger capacity of 3-4 people and a range of up to 250 km.
XPeng Tech Day: What you need to know
A new generation of flying car that can travel both on the road and in the air, a new energy replenishment system, and a new upcoming model.
XPeng's flying car unit HT Aero closes over $500 million in Series A funding
This is the largest single round of financing to date for a company in the low-altitude manned vehicle sector in Asia.
XPeng-backed HT Aero unveils its vision of flying car for urban scenarios
HT Aero's video shows its vision for the X2's autonomous flight path planning, takeoff and landing, and demonstrates the technology including charging, flight control and autonomous driving.
XPeng completes performance tests of X2 flying car at 4,180-meter altitude
Test results showed the flying car could take off and land, hover and fly smoothly at an altitude of 4,180 meters with no load and under load, it said.
XPeng said to deliver flying cars in small quantities in 2024
XPeng will announce the exact price and specifications of its flying car in 2023 and will deliver it in small quantities in 2024, according to a Weibo blogger.
XPeng says it' testing flying car Voyager X2 at high altitude
The X2 underwent several internal flight tests at flight bases in Guangzhou, Dongguan and Jiangmen in early June this year.