Ehang delivers new batch of 27 EH216-S eVTOLs

Ehang delivered 26 units of EH216-S in the first quarter, bringing the eVTOL's total deliveries to 263.

Chinese eVTOL maker Ehang completes passenger-carrying demo flight in UAE

Ehang completed a passenger-carrying demo flight of the EH216-S in the UAE, and the local debut flights of the EH216-F for high-rise firefighting and the EH216-L for air logistics.

Ehang says it gets clearance to mass produce its EH216-S eVTOL in China

Ehang said it has received a Production Certificate in China for the EH216-S, marking the eVTOL's entry into mass production.

China issues guidelines to promote general aviation equipment, including eVTOLs

China aims to fully integrate general aviation equipment into all areas of production and life by 2030, creating a market in the scale of RMB trillions.

Chinese eVTOL maker Ehang opens flight demo facility in Japan

The facility will provide Ehang's eVTOLs, including the EH216-S, with a local demonstration flight site, ground infrastructure and maintenance base.

eVTOL maker EHang prices its EH216-S unmanned aerial vehicle at about $333,000 in China

EHang's EH216-S has an official guide price of RMB 2.39 million in China, which will be effective from April 1, 2024.

GAC unveils eVTOL Gove, consisting of two separate parts

GAC hopes Gove will be part of its integrated mobility solution in the future.

Chinese team creates eVTOL with futuristic design

The eVTOL can take off and land on the water and is currently used mainly for sightseeing tours and performances.

Volkswagen China unveils flying vehicle prototype V.MO, joins Xpeng's exploration of air mobility

Volkswagen China will further optimize the prototype with several rounds of flight tests later this year, with the improved one set for a higher standard of test flights in late summer 2023.

Chinese eVTOL startup WEFLY secures tens of millions of dollars in angel round funding

WEFLY hopes to become a manned eVTOL operator in the medium to long term, and being an electric shuttle bus in the air is its long-term vision.