Lithium Mines

CATL takes over Chinese lithium miner to lock in more material supplies

CATL's RMB 6.4 billion restructuring proposal was approved unanimously by lithium miner Sinuowei's creditors, according to local media.

Gotion High-tech secures new lithium mining right in Jiangxi

Gotion High-tech was awarded the mining right for a period of five years, with a design production scale of 3 million tons per year.

Ganfeng Lithium to buy Lithea, which has lithium resources in Argentina, for up to $962 million

Lithea's main asset, the PPG project, is a lithium salt lake project in Argentina that includes two lithium salt lake assets.

Gotion secures lithium exploration rights for about $68.7 million in resource race

A month ago, CATL also acquired exploration rights in Yifeng county, Jiangxi province, where Gotion was awarded the rights.

Gotion signs MOU for lithium mining in Argentina

An Argentine state-owned company will provide Gotion with prospecting and mining rights to explore a potential lithium resource of about 17,000 hectares.

CATL acquires lithium exploration rights in east China's Jiangxi province

A subsidiary of CATL has acquired the exploration rights to the lithium mine, which is expected to hold 2.66 million tons of lithium metal oxide, for RMB 865 million.

CATL sets up mining company after BYD

In December, the quoted price of lithium carbonate rose from RMB 200,000 per ton at the beginning of the month to an average price of RMB 280,000 per ton, an increase of up to 40 percent.

CATL reportedly bids for Canadian lithium miner Millennial for about $300 million

A bidding war is heating up between Chinese companies for a Canadian firm to get lithium needed for electric car batteries.