Mercedes-Benz EQC

Mercedes-Benz EQC recall plan in China fails to quell customer discontent
Mercedes-Benz had planned to recall a total of 10,104 EQC vehicles from August 15, but many owners have asked the company to advance that process with new demands.
Beijing Benz to recall 10,104 EQC vehicles after users complain of motor problems
A month ago, dozens of EQC owners in China released a joint statement saying their vehicles had experienced at least one motor failure.
Mercedes-Benz responds to complaints from Chinese EQC owners, says it's actively looking into their concerns
Mercedes-Benz says it is actively studying customer feedback with the car and will use them as a basis to develop specific product optimization plans.
Mercedes-Benz suffers complaints from Chinese consumers over EQC's motor problems
Sixty-eight Mercedes-Benz EQC owners have issued a joint statement asking Daimler to respond to the model's faulty electric motor.
Beijing Benz recalls 796 EQC electric SUVs in China
Beijing Benz is recalling these China-built EQC vehicles with production dates between June 12, 2019 and June 18, 2020, starting August 30, 2021.