The station is 's first second-generation battery swap station in Jiangmen, Guangdong province, which opened on August 29, 2021.

A fire at one of Nio's (NYSE: NIO) battery swap stations has made it a talking point in the Chinese community, just as the company celebrates the launch of its 1,500th station.

A fire broke out at a new energy vehicle (NEV) battery swap station in Jiangmen, southern China's Guangdong province, at noon on June 25, local media outlet The Cover reported.

The station is owned by Nio and the fire was extinguished at 14:38, with no injuries, the report said, citing Jiangmen authorities.

The battery swap station covers an area of about 25 square meters and stores 13 batteries, including eight lithium batteries and five lithium iron phosphate batteries, the report said.

Nio has two battery swap stations in Jiangmen, and the one involved in the accident was its first second-generation battery swap station in the city, which opened on August 29, 2021, and its 402nd in China, according to the report.

Nio has not yet issued a statement on the incident, which has been widely discussed on social media, including Weibo, and in WeChat groups.

Jiangmen is located in western Guangdong, and the station is able to serve owners traveling to Guangzhou, Zhongshan and Yangjiang, according to a previous Nio App post.

The site will also help complete the replenishment network in the region's core cities and will be one of the energy replenishment nodes connecting Guangzhou to Haikou, Nio previously said.

Notably, earlier today, Nio announced that it had reached the milestone of 1,500 battery swap stations in China, with a cumulative total of more than 24 million battery swap services provided.

On average, a vehicle leaves Nio's battery swap stations with a fully charged battery every 1.8 seconds, the company said, adding that more than 60 percent of Nio vehicles' power comes from these stations.

Currently, 72.44 percent of Nio owners can find a battery swap station within 3 kilometers of their home or office, Nio said.

Nio also put 10 supercharging stations into operation today, bringing the total to 1,450 and providing 7,156 charging piles. It added an additional two destination charging stations today, bringing the total to 1,277 stations with 9,048 charging piles.

Nio reaches 1,500 swap stations in China as it aims for 2,300 by year-end