In the first quarter, the Song family of models sold 142,775 units, up 93.69 percent year-on-year.

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As one of the best-selling BYD models, the Song family is about to see a new member.

The Song L, a B-class all-electric SUV from BYD's Dynasty series, will debut at the Shanghai auto show, the new energy vehicle (NEV) maker announced today on Weibo.

BYD didn't reveal any more information about the Song L, but provided an image showing the model's front design.

It first teased the model on Weibo yesterday and shared a picture showing the rear design, but did not announce the model's name.

Judging from these two images, the Song L will be equipped with electronic rearview mirrors and is set to be the first BYD model to do so.

The mirrors replace the traditional mirrors on either side of the vehicle with cameras, a forward-looking design that promises lower wind resistance and longer range. Chinese regulations will allow vehicles to use such mirrors starting July 1.

In early January, Lotus Cars, majority owned by , allowed purchasers of its first all-electric model, the Eletre Hyper-SUV, to choose an optional electronic rearview mirror.

The upcoming biennial Shanghai auto show will be held from April 18 - 27, where April 18 - 19 will be the media days, April 20 - 21 will be the professional visitors' days, and the general public can visit from April 22 - 27.

The BYD brand of vehicles includes the Dynasty series as well as the Ocean series, both of which have Song family models.

The Song Max DM-i and Song Pro DM-i currently on sale are part of the Dynasty series, while the Song Plus DM-i and Song Plus EV are part of the Ocean series. BYD's soon-to-be-revealed Song L will be a new member of the Dynasty series.

Song family models have been the top-selling BYD models for the past several months, though they were surpassed by the Qin family models in March.

BYD sold 207,080 NEVs in March, up 97.45 percent from 104,878 units in the same month last year and up 6.93 percent from 193,655 units in February, according to data released on April 2.

The Qin family of models sold a record 40,850 units in March, making it the highest-selling BYD model for the month and contributing 19.8 percent of the NEV maker's passenger NEV sales last month.

The Song family of models sold 40,510 units in March, second only to the Qin family of models. The Song family's sales in March increased 51.56 percent from 26,729 units in the same month last year but decreased 22.69 percent from 52,400 units in February.

In the first quarter, the Song family of models sold 142,775 units, up 93.69 percent from a year ago, according to data monitored by CnEVPost.

BYD Mar sales breakdown: Qin 40,850, Song 40,510